What I’m focused on at this point of my life.
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  • NOW

    Buildspace nights and weekends s5

    I started buildspace nights and weekends season 5 this week. It’s an event where people commit to working on an idea for 6 weeks with others working on theirs too. My idea is that i’m gonna write 100 posts and publish them on linkedin and my website.

    Got a 2 year postdoc in canberra

    It’s with the the Sequeira Lab run by Ana Sequeira. They mainly study the movement ecology of large migratory marine animals (eg. sharks, turtles, seals, whales). I’m excited. I’ve been looking for a project that combines marine science and some tech. I feel this is it.

    Back in singapore in the meantime

    I’m on my annual winter migration back to the tropics before I officially start my new job in August. I’m still doing some casual work remotely for my previous jobs, but also working on my web design / marketing side business, resubmitting rejected manuscripts, training jiu jitsu (lots of nogi), and… nights and weekends s5!

    I’ve packed up my stuff in tassie and will fly straight to canberra in August. Will meet Kane there – he’s doing all the driving. Still haven’t found a place to live in Canberra. Looking!

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