10 useful NFT APIs every web3 developer should bookmark for their next NFT project



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Recently, I spent 6 weeks building my first NFT project – it is an NFT listings tracker (thanks buildspace for the motivation!)

When I started building, the only NFT API service I knew about was Opensea’s.

I was going to use their API but found out I couldn’t because I needed an API key and Opensea didn’t seem to be giving out any. I found out that there were developers who have been waiting for weeks and months to get one after applying. 💩 As of 1st August, Opensea announced in their discord that they’re definitely not giving out new API keys for now.

So here are 10 other NFT APIs that I was super stoked to find. Almost all have a free plan that gives you instant access.

I hope you find this list helpful!

(Listed in alphabetical order)

1. Alchemy

Our NFT API lets you instantly find, verify, and display any NFT, across all major blockchains


2. Blockdaemon (Ubiquity)

Ubiquity gives you rich Ethereum NFT data via a single API. With a few simple endpoints, you can retrieve information about NFT assets, collections and events on Ethereum. The API also supports advanced querying and filtering.


3. CovalentHQ

The world’s first decentralized network to provide deep, granular and historical Blockchain data via an open, proof-based protocol.
Data verifiability at its core.


4. CryptoSlam

The CryptoSlam Public API is build for developers ready to hit the ground running with no registration or authentication required. Just find a request URL from the list of endpoints, open up a terminal and fire off a cURL request – it’s that simple!


5. Defined

Real time, in-depth blockchain analytics and API

  • Currently no easy access – has an API Key waitlist.


6. Module

get listings and sales from multiple NFT marketplaces, collection metadata, images, holders, and more via the module api.


My notes: I like module. Their endpoints are unique and well designed. The only issue I had using their service was that some endpoints were unreliable. But I’m sure they will keep improving. Also, module is currently funding projects built using their API. So check them out!

7. Moralis

Fetch real-time NFT metadata, ownership data, NFT transfer data, NFT prices, and much more with just a few clicks and one line of code, for free!


8. NFTPort

The Stripe for NFTs: One-Stop & Simple NFT Infrastructure & APIs for Developers


9. Rarify

The most accurate API to search, analyse and integrate NFT data


10. Zora

The ZORA API makes it easy to retrieve NFT metadata, monitor on-chain events, analyze sales activity, and so much more.


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