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Hello and welcome!

I’m Dahlia. I was born and raised in Singapore. I moved to Tasmania for my studies in 2011 and completed my bachelors in marine science and later PhD in biological sciences with the University of Tasmania.

I did my honours and PhD theses on pinniped (seal) foraging behaviour. Through research fieldwork, I find myself working in beautiful remote places for relatively long periods. Being photographer and videographer as well, I try to document these experiences through photos and videos.

I strive to tell stories that entertain and captivate others with my camera. I’m constantly trying to improve my craft and enjoy shooting anything that fancies my interest and gets my creative juices flowing.

Here, I share my photography and videography portfolio as well as blog about various thoughts, lessons, insights and experiences in my life. I often find many cross-overs in fundamental principles in different topics; lessons I learn in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (another passion of mine) can be applied to mindset in the field and in research and vice versa. I hope these stories and insights can inspire and help others who might relate.

I try to live mindfully and apply stoic philosophy every day. I like working on things that I find meaningful and useful to others. I have a wide variety of interests and find myself a bit of a jack of all trades, but I think that’s okay. I believe it’s possible to be a pretty good master at all of them as long as you put in hard work and have patience.

x peace

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  1. Don Spalding Avatar
    Don Spalding

    I think you are amazing. We share interest in many things. I completed the coursework in a double major Ed.d program and went to work saving the world one teacher and one kid at a time. Now I’m just trying to hang on after life bucked me off. Mma and learning about jujitsu fascinate me. I took one lesson but could not afford to continue. Be tenacious no matter what. Don

  2. Dahlia Foo Avatar

    Hi Don, thank you so much for your comment and encouragement. I hope you’re enjoying the ups and downs of life and are not giving up. At the end of the day the experience you have is the one you need so you can’t lose this game really:) hope your are well and will get to train bjj again someday.

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