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Local is good, but having the flexibility to be global might be better…?

Random weird comparison:

Australian gannets from a small colony are restricted to feeding locally even in years of bad environmental conditions (reduced food availability). This constraint might be due to intra-specific competition with other near-by colonies, which prevents birds from this small colony to extend their foraging range. The result is reduced breeding success in bad years.


Reading this I somehow am reminded of an article I read on Derek Siver’s blog about being local vs global. After experiencing both, he prefers being global. He prefers to have bigger reach to have a bigger impact. I wonder if this bird example can provide a case-study of what happens when you limit yourself to one location/thing/etc.
But of course, in good conditions, being local rocks! So I guess it all depends (as with many things in life).
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One response to “Being local vs global”

  1. Chui Avatar

    Being local is good but if you have a chance to be global which can broaden your outlook, why not?

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