how Elon finds what is and isn’t fluff. 



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My brother shared this with me recently and I’m instantly saving it to memory.

A simple framework on how find out what is fluff and delete it.

Why delete fluff?

Because doing so ultimately leads to better results with less complexity.

He told me Elon said this:

“if you’re not adding back at least 10% of what you’ve removed, you haven’t deleted enough”

Elon Musk

It was my first time hearing this, and I love it.

Because it’s how I operate most of the time. 

Less is more!

This is most true when I build websites, and when I write my research papers.

I do not enjoy reading long papers. 

So I believe in doing everyone a favour and always trying to write shorter papers.

I clearly remember this comment by my supervisor for one of my manuscripts:

“I’m all for short and sweet, but…”

One of my supervisor’s comment on my research manuscript about seals

Now that’s the right time to add more words.


ps. I did not know fluff is marshmellow?!?

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