How to set a cookie using NextJS 13 API routes



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It seems that there is a correct sequence for creating a Response object with a set-cookie header and a JSON body in Next.js 13.

I’m not sure if this is limited to the beta app directory version and typescript.

Problem: typescript is confused?

If you set the cookie first and then try to use the Next.Response JSON method to create a JSON body, typescript yells at you and says “expected 0 arguments, but got 2”.

This is because it is getting confused with the json() method from the Response web API.

So the simple solution is to create your NextResponse.json() first then set the cookie.

import { NextRequest, NextResponse } from 'next/server'

export async function POST(request: NextRequest) {
  // ...your post request logic here

  // Set json response first
  const response = NextResponse.json(
    { status: 200 }

  // Then set a cookie
    name: 'jwt',
    value: token,
    httpOnly: true,
    maxAge: 60 * 60,

  return response

Hope this was useful!

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