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“The law of 100”

I first heard this in Noah Kagan’s million dollar weekend book. Then Alex Hormozi also talked about in his $100M offers book (he’s made the audiobook free on spotify btw, definitely worth a listen). 

Basically if you have a book title with the word “million dollars” in it, you should talk about the law of 100.

(that’s a joke)

So what is it?

The idea is simple, when starting something new, commit to doing it a 100 times so that you stick with it long enough to reap the rewards of consistency. 

The key is the commitment. 

Because if you don’t commit. You stop in the inevitable dip – when things get hard. Then no rewards for you 😟

This framework was tested in a study:

University professor splits photography class students into 2 group – the quality and quantity group.

Quantity group just had to take 100 photos.

Quality group could only take 1 photo and it had to be the perfect photo.

Which group did better?

The quantity group.

“The Quantity group experimented more! They took tons of photos, learned from their mistakes each time, spent more time in the darkroom, and they got better with time.”

Noah Kagan in Million Dollar Weekend

By committing to the reps, we are committing to the process. Not the outcome. 

The process is the habit.
The process is the practice.
The process means showing up.
The process is something we can control.
The outcome – we cannot control.

So ignore the results.

Don’t think too hard, just commit to 100.

Simple enough to follow.

(But doesn’t mean easy!)

What will you commit to doing a 100 reps of?

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