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I taught 2 units (whuttttt)

I’ve technically finished a teaching gig that was a big challenge for me. I was living my mum’s dreams of me becoming a teacher (stable and good job!) I’ve never spoken so much in front of a group of people before. I reckon public speaking skills +1 or 2. That’s great cause it scares me and I know this is a skill I need to imrpove. I’m grateful for Mark for throwing me into a deep end (again!) 🙏

So the verdict is, what it challenging? Yes. Did I grow personally from it? Hell yeah! Do I wanna be a teacher now? Nah. Maybe there’s a bit of imposter syndrome but also the idea of teaching fulltime for a uni doesn’t sound like a hell yeah for me. Sorry mummy.

  • [x] Taught a university class (x10+)

I’ve been training BJJ a lot

The real highlight of moving back to Hobart is getting to train BJJ more frequently. I joined a new academy called Legacy BJJ Hobart. The classes are about 1 to 1h 15 min long. That’s considered short for a BJJ class, but I actually don’t mind it. To the point, get in, get out, no excuses not to go.

Because I’ve been training 3-4x a week, I’ve bought a new gi (and 4th one incoming). Now IG and FB won’t stop showing me BJJ apparel ads. My current gi collection: 4 + 2 (old and 1 in Singapore). I’ve always thought people who had more than 2 gis were just collectors and impulsive buyers – now I’m guilty but for practical reasons.

🥋 My mind on my laundry and my laundry on my mind.

Anyway I’m suuuuperrrr grateful for BJJ right now.

The chiro asked me “the last time I saw you, you also said there’s nothing stressing you at the moment”

I’ve been seeing a new chiropractor since moving to Hobart. I miss Garrett, our St Helens chiro, I still like his routine the best. Anyway, when someone asks if there’s anything stressing me at the moment (because my shoulders are so tensed), I think to myself: yeahhh… but things could be worse. I’m one of the lucky ones. So I say “nah… same old stuff, nothing new.”

During my last session, because the chiro pointed the above heading out, I replied “well…. ok the world. The world is creating background stress”. Sometimes I think I know something, then I wonder if I’m going insane because it’s not the consensus.

Welcome to the fourth turning? I guess?


Wen moon? Thou shall not ride this to zero again.

Made an animation using powerpoint

Did you know you can actually make legit good animations with powerpoint?! I’m so mindblown by this. Recently found this out from the Biologging conference. All those years of thinking powerpoint animations are lame because that’s what “everyone” says right? Turns out if it’s lame, you’re probably doing it wrong. This animation I made was a video to go with my scientific poster at an upcoming conference. It’s a free conference! I like free conferences.

Paper rejected again

Been trying to get this short paper titled “Extreme wet and cold weather correlated with early pup mortality in endangered New Zealand sea lions” peer-reviewed and published but it keeps getting rejected on the first pass. Weeeeird. Why is science so unnecessarily painfully slow. This is the paper I’m presenting a poster on at the conference. Oh well, not the first time I’ve faced rejection – just gonna keep pressing on! NEXT!

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