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I’m gonna be honest.

I’m not a nutritionist, never met one, never wanted one.

But I’ve been lurking on The Profitable Nutritionist podcast. 


You can probably guess what the podcast is about – it’s name is pretty self-explanatory.

One copywriting nugget I picked up from that show was a valuable reminder that people want simple, quick results, delivered conveniently. 

So when I’m writing copy, if any of the words don’t convey that our solution is simple, fast, and convenient for the potential customer…

then it’s fluff and I should remove it.

I really like the words “simple, fast and convenient”. 

Feels like an easy note to keep in mind as I write. 

Then I realised…

It’s just Alex Hormozi’s value equation refactored.

I’ll explain.

Alex Hormozi’s original value equation:

value = dream outcome x perceived likelihood of achievement divided by time delay x effort and sacrifice
Original hormozi value equation

Quickie on what each part means – for maximum value we want to:

PartWhat potential customer’s thinking
✅ maximise dream outcomewhat i want, what i really really want
✅ maximise perceived likelihood of achievementis getting dream outcome 100% guaranteed?
❌ minimise time delayhow long is it gonna take?
❌ minimise effort & sacrificehow hard is this gonna be?
the parts of the value equation

So if we flip the negatives…

then the opposite of time delay = speed

opposite of effort = convenience!

so put another way,

value = dream outcome x simplicity x speed x convenience
value = dream outcome x simplicity x speed x convenience


This helps me think of value from a different angle and can sometimes help stir those brain juices to think of better copy.

I could even flip it all to negatives, and consider the angle of what is BAD value and so don’t do that.


p.s. pro tip – if you want to find alpha in uncommon places, treat spotify as a search engine and find your answers in podcasts 😉

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