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Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity” – Seneca

I like the analogy Howells (2012) used to describe the “state of preparedness”, it goes something like this: consider growing a plant, you need the right conditions i.e. compost, water, sunlight for seeds to geminate. Preparing the bed is the similar to preparing your mind to be ready to recognise opportunities and/or the goodness in others. Seeds might not grow in an infertile soil.

I see my morning meditation and journaling as a way to get into a state of preparedness. Perhaps now I can do it more consciously after this going through this unit on Gratitude in Education. I see now that other than using meditation to manage stress, it can help me get into an abundance consciousness where I’m more conscious to stop, look (for opportunities), and go (take action).

good luck



Howells, K. (2012). Gratitude in Education.





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